Developing Team Negotiation Skills To Achieve Organizational Success

Philip Scott, CEO of ENS International, interviewed Leanne Heywood NSW Business Woman of the Year 2019, about her experience dealing with ENS International.

Leanne Commented:
My dealings with ENS International began in 2011 when I was appointed to a senior international marketing role with Rio Tinto and was building a new team internationally. In 2017 I joined an industrial parts retailer and I brought ENS to the team there as well. In my role with Rio Tinto, we were negotiating international contracts in a very complex environment and I felt we needed to develop the teams negotiation skills in order to achieve the best outcomes for the organisation.

What service has ENS International delivered?
ENS has delivered tailored group training and also training to individuals as they entered the team at the public programs. They have also delivered refresher and specific skills training as well as advice on particularly complex negotiations.

Why did you choose ENS International?
ENS was recommended to me by a senior mining colleague who’d had some very good outcomes through working with ENS and the more I worked with ENS and talked to them about what we needed, the more convinced I became that they would be able to deliver.

Do you have any advice for others who might be considering ENSI’s services?
My advice would be to go for it. You will absolutely see immediate value.

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