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A Bespoke Curriculum - Global Procurement

The key team within Global Procurement can be categorised into three groups:

  • Low competency need for N+I development
  • Moderate competency need for N+I development
  • High competency need for N+I development

Each of the three groups has a customised Negotiation Capability program, making up this bespoke Curriculum:

Group 1. Low Competency Need for N+ I Development

For those that are in roles that do not require significant stakeholder influence interaction or do not anticipate involvement in significant commercial negotiations however do need a core skill of influence capability.

Fundamentals Program (1 Day)

Introduction and awareness on core Negotiation and Influencing principals and frameworks and coverage of Rio Tinto’s approach to procurement practice.

Group 2. Moderate Competency Need for N+I Development
  • this includes specialists and those roles below that in the organisational structure e.g. analyst.
  • mainly working in teams under Leaders, focused on supporting the category managers and leaders
  • more involved in internal influencing + negotiation, and playing a support role in larger external negotiation situations
  • some senior specialists might manage smaller categories, so are more involved in leading smaller or mid level Negotiations

Professional Program (2 days)

Exposure to the full Influencing + Negotiation frameworks for improved stakeholder alignment, systematic preparation process, some practice around theoretical and real life situations.

Professional Extension and Refresher Program (1 or 2 day options)

An intensive workshop for graduates of the Professional Level program to extend skills in creating and managing value, unlocking deadlocks, advanced concession trading as well as other tools and techniques – there is also significant preparation and practise around individuals own case studies.

  • 2 day option – for those seeking to prepare for real upcoming negotiations, and/or who have completed the Professional program more than 12 months prior.
  • 1 day option - for those seeking to further develop and practice negotiation capability and have completed the the Professional program within the last 12 months.
Group 3. High Competency Need for N+I Development
  • this includes senior managers and category managers within Global Procurement
  • managing a team of category managers and practitioners,
  • some Influencing + negotiating with key senior level internal stakeholders, but more regularly leading significant external negotiations, and managing key supplier relationships
  • also leading a team in larger and more complex external negotiations

Advanced Program (3 days)

A comprehensive and deeper coverage of Negotiation and Influence practices and frameworks, case studies and systematic preparation and practice around live upcoming Rio Tinto global procurement negotiation situations

Who is the provider ENS International?

ENS is a global team of negotiation practitioners, delivering best practice negotiation consultancy and training programs in more than 83 countries. ENS is positioned as a world leader and have worked globally with Rio Tinto for over 40 years.


Which is the best Negotiation and Influencing workshop for me?

The 2-day Professional and 3-day Advanced workshops are the most popular for procurement professionals as they provide an opportunity to understand and practice the process (how) components and content (what) dimensions involved in negotiation. Both workshops familiarize participants with the 5 step ENS process model, a common language, insights into best practice skills and provide opportunity for practice.

The most appropriate workshop is of course related to your job role and level of interest and can be decided in conjunction with your leader’s input.


What is the difference between the 2-day Professional workshop and the 3-day Advanced workshop?

The shorter 2-day workshop is a more conceptual experience due to time constraints yet provides a solid insight into the dynamic nature of negotiation and influence and how to approach improving outcomes with stakeholders.

The 3-day workshop allows more time for a wider and more thorough exploration of these concepts and skills plus more time for experiential involvement, practice and application of the ENS process to real participant negotiation situations.

If your role requires interactions and resolutions with key internal and external stakeholders, around procurement matters, we’d steer you to the Advanced workshop.


Is the 2-day Professional skills workshop followed by the 1-day Extension and Refresher workshop equivalent to in coverage to the 3-day Advanced workshop?

Yes, after completing the 2 days the third day has been designed to incorporate the knowledge and skills that were not fully on the two-day workshop explored because of time restrictions.


Why is there a 1-day and a 2-day Extension and Refresher workshop?

Those who have completed the 2-day workshop recently (eg. within the last 12 months) will have the learnings still front of mind in which case the 1-day option may be sufficient for their further development.

The 2-day option is for those who want to refresh their skills and go to an advanced level in a few key areas. It is also for those team members who have some important live negotiations coming up - there will be time in the workshop for preparation, practice and application around those live situations.


What is the purpose of the one-day Foundation workshop?

The 1-day Fundamentals workshop is more of an awareness raising program around some of the core principles and best practice behaviours of successful influence and negotiation. The workshop is useful for practitioners and support staff with low stakeholder involvement who are interested in gaining some knowledge of the discipline.


Do I need my leaders' approval to register my interest in training?

Yes - please speak to your leader regarding which training option is most beneficial for you. Leaders are required to book teams into the courses offered.


Where do I find more information?

For more information please contact:

Philip Wade

[email protected]

+61 (0)414 753 474

Robert Jenkins

[email protected]

+61 (0)419 881 780


Or complete the ‘Registration Form’ and an ENS expert will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

Our Experts

Who is ENS?​

Since 1978 ENS has provided Negotiation Training and Consulting services to individuals to improve negotiation capabilities that direct change, re-invent business and significantly accelerate growth. We’ve empowered more than 60,000 participants through our negotiation and influencing services. Our experiential workshops deliver revealing insights based in psychology and neuroscience. The ENS Negotiation Process Frameworks, techniques and methodologies give you key insights into human behaviour and provide tools that will assist you in achieving enhanced business objectives
Schott AG

Director Global Key Accounts Pharmaceutical Systems

I am a repeat offender. After having experienced in my previous company how much value we could generate from the ENS negotiation training, I am now leveraging ENS to drive change within SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems by developing a stronger internal and external influencing and negotiation culture. ENS programs are top notch, both in content and delivery. It is rare training that produces impactful and lasting effects.

Bertrand Jannon
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Wittur Group

HRBP Corporate Purchasing

Together with the Wittur Purchasing team, I've recently attended and enjoyed ENS “Negotiation and Influencing" workshop. Through interesting, intense and interactive sessions, we have learned useful tips and techniques for designing, preparing and delivering effective negotiations. The workshop was a mix of theory and hands-on practical learning. The trainer proved to be a real added value with his professionalism and ability to get everyone involved. ENS perfectly understood the challenges our organisation was facing and tailored a workshop to our needs and to ensure delivery of the particular targeted outcomes we wanted.

Tommaso Sala
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Head of Marketing & Product Management Serum Work Area

The ENS training was filled with 100% practical relevance, delivered through catchy concepts. It was easily comprehensible and directly applicable after the first training session. The highly practical content in the training allows for this direct application in your work life. Our sympathetic trainer brought with him a lot of relevant and practical experience to enhance our learning.

Ines Sauer
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Executive Director Global Learning & Development

By collaborating with ENS, a consulting organization with strong negotiation framework, techniques and methodologies, Global L&D team is able to develop our global future leaders' capability in effective persuasion and negotiation, help them to be more effective at work.

LEE Hwang Jann
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