Mike Greenwood

“Negotiation can be viewed as a game. It’s important to know the ‘rules’ you are playing by and who exactly you are playing with, and against”

An ENS Master Trainer with a background in engineering and project management plus people management and development, he is an accomplished trainer and facilitator working at all levels. He personally designs and conducts a great deal of direct training and facilitates meetings of senior executives, especially those involved with organisational and business planning. His grasp of business issues is crucial to the successful outcomes of these projects.



Mike has developed negotiation skills for managers in Australia and Asia with many organisations including Rio Tinto, PWC, Citibank, Amcor and BlueScope Steel. He spent nearly two years with a leading global telecommunications organisation developing and facilitating best practice, employer of choice, leadership and negotiation programs for its alliance partners spread across the Asia Pacific region.


Specialist Focus

Mike is recognised for his enthusiasm and energy as a trainer. His flexibility allows him to act as a coach to individuals and an inspiring motivator for teams, drawing on his business experience to give perceptive feedback.



Mike is an accredited ENS Master Trainer and Senior Executive Consultant.

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