Melanie Lilley

“The first negotiation is with oneself”

An accredited coach and team coach specifically focused on the critical area of middle and senior management, Melanie’s aim has always been to unlock potential through careful conversations, building relationships and embedding behavioural change, trust and engagement. Having a deep understanding of individuals’ needs and learning styles enables her to bring about significant improvement to negotiation performance. She is also ideally placed to work on the important internal negotiations making sure that the negotiation team is in alignment with corporate strategy.

Her background encompasses 30 years in varied corporate management and training roles, including her own coaching and training consultancy. Although London based, Melanie delivers her coaching and training services across the UK and overseas, contributing to a greater cultural awareness. Her work with ENS includes public and private sector, large and small.



Her experience takes her from the creation and launch of a Learning & Development department for a major UK corporate, to developing competency frameworks, and coaching key stakeholders and supporting employee engagement strategies within various organisations. She has achieved great success at embedding the ENS International philosophy within organisational behaviours and competencies.


Specialist Focus

Melanie’s focus on people development originated from her interest in human behaviours (psychology and neuroscience), and a natural ability to coach others to ‘finding the answer’. Her current focus is to raise awareness of the ability of women when negotiating and the benefit of collaboration between genders within internal teams for greater outcomes. Never underestimate the power of communication in building trust and engagement.



DMS Diploma in Management Studies Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

Advanced Diploma in Professional Coaching & Mentoring Oxford Coaching & Mentoring (OCM)

Team Coaching (OCM)

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