Melanie Lilley

“The first negotiation is with oneself.”

Melanie Lilley is a negotiation and influencing strategist and an accredited coach. Melanie brings an additional dimension to Negotiation, Leadership and Communication training by drawing on her extensive research into up-to-the minute behavioural neuroscience. Having a deep understanding of individuals’ needs and behaviours enables her to bring about significant change through developing growth mindsets.

Her background encompasses 30 years in varied corporate management and training roles, including her own coaching and training consultancy. Over the last two years she has been developing virtual training and coaching interventions with great success.



She has worked and advised on varied projects worldwide, from Market Access for various pharmaceuticals in Europe and Asia; to the sustainable energy sector and Government departments along with supporting various global Commercial Excellence teams. Also, in her capacity as an online negotiation tutor with the London School of Economics and Politics she works with a leading banking group supporting their emerging Global female Leaders Scholarship programme, and is focused on supporting Women in Negotiation.


Specialist Focus

Early on in her people management career Melanie understood individualistic behaviours do not fit a ‘one size fits all’ training approach and with this in mind she started her behavioural science learning journey.  Very quickly it became apparent that bringing science-based theory to support soft skills development has a far greater impact on any organisational change initiative.



She has a degree in Management & Leadership and is an accredited Executive and Team coach with the Oxford Coaching & Mentoring Group.  She also has recently completed one of the first globally recognised Neuroscience for Leadership & Business programmes at MIT to support her ongoing development.


Melanie has two children and in her spare time she can be found enjoying the great outdoors through charitable fund raisers including triathlons, long distance cycling, walking, and swimming… and continued neuroscience research and reading.


Women in negotiation: the psychology behind successful negotiations

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