Colleen Cattell

“Staying focused on outcome is the key to a successful negotiation strategy”

Colleen Cattell is a busy Negotiation Practitioner with a commitment to helping her clients achieve their desired outcomes.  A strong believer in the power of relationships and the importance of the people at the negotiation table, she works with clients to assist them in managing the negotiation process to achieve optimal results.



Starting over 30 years ago as commercial litigation lawyer, Colleen is now in high demand as a Negotiation Trainer and Consultant, Mediator and Arbitrator.  Her skills and contribution were recognised in 2006 with her appointment as Queens Counsel.   She also holds a Chartered Mediator designation and sits on both the mediation and domestic arbitration panels of the B.C. International Commercial Arbitration Centre.


Specialist Focus

Colleen has expertise in the theory and practice of negotiation, particularly the psychological underpinnings of understanding the needs of the parties and the strategic art of persuasion to obtain successful negotiation outcomes.  She has worked in complex negotiations in many business sectors, including multi-cultural and regulatory environments with multiple stakeholders, sales, procurement, and project management.



Colleen is a sought after speaker on negotiation skills and strategy, both throughout Canada and internationally. She joined ENS in 2003 and since then has provided negotiation training and consulting to clients around the world in a wide range of economic sectors and industries.

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