Linda Cousineau

“With every interaction is an opportunity to influence!” Linda P. Cousineau is a senior ENS influencing and negotiating (I+N) practitioner based in Ottawa, Canada. She empowers individuals...

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David Cromwell

“Effective negotiation is about structure & discipline.” David Cromwell has practiced consulting on negotiation and conflict resolution for over 30 years. He conducts skills development programs and...

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Robert Jenkins

“Under pressure… Learn to Respond rather than React” Robert has worked with ENS for over 30 years facilitating workshops across Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Africa and...

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Andy Marko

“They had a great strategy, they worked day and night, they just forgot they had people on the other side …” Andy Marko is recognised as a...

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Gary Oakley

“Most of the highly effective negotiation skills are counter-intuitive, fortunately they can easily be learned” Gary is an international influencing and negotiation strategy consultant and trainer who...

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Geoff Powell

“Good use of process builds personal confidence” Geoff has a solid history of negotiation influencing in corporate life. Over time he has operated extensively in Australia &...

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Eduardo Saleh

“Good negotiations solve your problems and make the world a better place to live in” Eduardo is a recognized negotiation and human resources consultant, with more than...

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Paul Taberner

“To negotiate better outcomes the ‘ABC’ of knowing what people want is Always Be Curious.” Paul Taberner has a strong, varied background in negotiation through law and...

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