Negotiating Change

Get more of what you want, more than you thought, more negotiating skills than you believed possible, yet retain excellent relationships. Driven by aspirational thinking our clients see the whole picture, and leave nothing on the table. You will always be better off with us on your team.


Michael Hudson, in the nineties

“Anyone can influence, anyone can be influenced”

ENS International (ENSI) was founded in 1978 with the belief that when negotiating with the right communication skills, people and organizations could make the world a better place.

Founders, Michael Hudson and Leo Hawkins, first met at Melbourne University when negotiating as influential members of the Student Representative Council.

After successful management careers in Europe and North America, they combined their experience and skills to change the way people view negotiating to achieve better results.

The highly adversarial approach to negotiating had dominated long enough. With Hudson’s expertise in industrial psychology, coupled with Hawkins’ background in advertising and marketing, they developed some of the most game-changing negotiating and influencing methodologies in the market.

While working in Hong Kong in 1981, they were invited by the HK Government to train and accredit internal trainers in ENSI frameworks, tools and negotiating techniques. This was their first step to create organization-wide negotiation capability platforms, which ENSI is so well recognized for today.

From beginnings in Australia, ENS International has grown through 73 countries and works with some of the most powerful organizations around the globe.