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Need personal development? We believe negotiators are made, not born. Even if you’re a good negotiator, there’s always room for improvement.

Dynamic, fast paced and filled with practical and intensive learning experiences, our courses will challenge you and enhance your practical negotiating and influencing capabilities. Join a small group to gain personalised awareness, insights and skills.

Negotiation & Influencing Fundamentals

This hands-on, interactive 1-day workshop will give you critical knowledge and develop core negotiation and influencing skills for achieving successful outcomes. You will gain:

  • Valuable insights
  • Increased confidence
  • Stronger relationships

Professional Negotiation & Influencing (Level 1)

This fast-paced, intensive 2-day workshop will significantly enhance your negotiation and influencing capability. You will gain insights into human behaviour and the frameworks, tools and techniques that will allow you to best achieve your objectives. You will become better at:

  • ‍Understanding what really drives the other party
  • ‍Knowing how to adapt your negotiating style
  • ‍Identifying and employing tactics and counter-tactics

Strategic Negotiation & Influencing (Level 2)

Influence difficult or powerful people while under pressure with skills from this 2-day workshop. Building on our Professional Negotiation (Level 1) workshop, you’ll focus on your current negotiation scenarios and discover unique options and solutions by:

  • ‍Creating the right mood dynamic
  • ‍Preparing systematically step-by-step
  • ‍Pacing purposefully through each negotiation phase

Expert Negotiation & Influencing (Level 3)

Enhancing Levels 1 and 2, this intensive 2-day master class in small groups, provides personalised coaching and mentoring for the current challenges you face. Focusing on difficult and complex scenarios, you will be able to:

  • Work outside your comfort zone
  • ‍Alter power imbalances
  • ‍Help colleagues achieve better outcomes

Negotiation & Influencing Refresher

This active, 1-day workshop will reinforce and extend the process framework developed at the initial workshop. This flexible course is formulated to meet your needs, identified in advance. The workshop will:

  • ‍Refresh important concepts developed at the initial workshop
  • ‍Review your negotiating experience and overcome personal difficulties
  • Extend further your individual skill development

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