Develop Your Teams’ Negotiation Techniques To Drive Success

Need to upskill key staff? Develop effective, outcome-focused negotiators who maximize results. Our customized and highly effective training programs have proven ROI, greatly improving your team’s communication and negotiation techniques.

Make sure your team have the upper hand in:

  • negotiation preparations
  • ‍negotiation techniques
  • effective use of tactics and counter-tactics
  • crisis negotiations
  • online negotiations

Our in-house workshops are fast-paced, intensive and practical learning experiences. We tailor solutions to participant needs and organizational objectives with a focus on live negotiations of immediate concern

Rehearsal of negotiation techniques give participants on-the-spot practice applying our concepts and tools. Each interactive program is carefully designed to challenge, regardless of level of experience or position.

Negotiation Techniques

Case Studies

We’ve been the trusted partner of many of the world’s most successful organizations since 1978. Here are a few stories of how we have helped people and organizations think and act differently to achieve success.
Negotiation Skills
Negotiation Skills