Our Services

What are your needs? From personalized one-on-one partnering to organization-wide reinvention, we change mindsets to create new value.

Strategic Collaboration

Organizational Transformation

Need to change your work culture? Partner with us to develop an organization-wide platform to address and develop negotiation capabilities. Create a common influencing language that will accelerate growth.

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Negotiation Advice

Need to solve a current challenge? Gain the edge with one of our negotiation process experts on your team.

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Professional Development

In-House Teams

Need to upskill key staff? Develop effective, outcome-focused negotiators who maximize results. Our customized and highly effective training programs have proven ROI.

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Open Courses

Need personal development? We believe negotiators are made, not born. Join a small group and gain personalized awareness, insights and skills. Even if you’re a good negotiator, there’s always room for improvement.

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