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"If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got, so be ready to change."

Valerie loves to stimulate teams and to ensure that they become one by one the best in their sector. Passionate about sales/purchase and fascinated by negotiations & personal interactions, she coaches teams towards success and accompanies negotiators for the perfect win-win deals.

Valerie believes that comprehension of the business models of her customers is the main premise for a successful collaboration. She is appreciated for her assertive and energetic coaching style, making sure that the people working with her become better and stronger as a person as well as a professional.


Valerie built up her experience in various sectors such as media, strategy consulting, human resources and information services, this in national and international business environments. As a consultant, account manager and sales manager.

Specialist Focus

How to improve & evolve constantly, that is what’s most intriguing for Valerie, as a person and as a professional. She believes that readiness to change in what we do or how we (re)act can bring great dynamics and results.


Master in Organisational Psychology & MBA business management

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