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“If you can influence, you can lead and manage to a much better outcome.”

Thomas Liu is an organizational development consultant with over 20 years’ experience working and serving in the corporate environment.  After he set up his own training and consulting company in 2004, he has worked with over 100 multi-national companies in the Asia Pacific region.

His focus is to help clients improve their business results through strengthening and aligning their employees in leadership and management capabilities.


Before he set up his own company, he spent 13 years in Corporate Training and Development with a large telecom company in Hong Kong, taking care of the 18,000 employees with service culture development, sales & leadership enhancement and transformation of engineers into global sales consultants.

Specialist Focus

Having starting his career as a salesperson, his expertise is to empower sales professionals with negotiations and influencing skills, world-class selling methodologies (such as Sales Funnel by Ray Leone) and professional presentation skills.  By working with many eastern cultures and understanding their specific needs, he brings added value by adapting a global framework into a specific culture, making it work in practice.


Thomas has a Bachelor’s Degree as well as a Diploma of Training Management, both from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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