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"Ask yourself, “Did I leave the conversation with some value? Did I allow the other person to contribute?”

Swinder has over 25 years of international business experience with in-depth knowledge in Asia. 10 years in senior roles leading product management & operations, and 9 years as CEO where she was in the fore front with government agencies, specialists and transport service providers engaging, negotiating and managing stakeholder relations to increase the overall value of the outcome.


Financial Services Strategist

  • ‍identified strategic initiatives for banks which translated to key implementations to grow businesses by USD 50 million
  • ‍provide strategic advise to a Central Bank leading to developing the Payment System Act in early 2000s
  • pioneer in e-payment cards & systems in Asia and develop the 4th largest e-purse in the world in late 1990s

Influence Strategist

  • ‍manage stakeholder relations with government agencies to support e-payment initiatives within the transportation sector valued at over a billion dollars
  • ‍manage complex problems in the toll sector through a systematic approach of stakeholder mapping to lobby and craft solutions

Specialist Focus

Swinder draws from her wealth of corporate experience to upskill and empowered people and organisations to deal effectively with high stakes, high risk situations to focus and reach optimal outcomes. She has vast experience in facilitating in the financial, retail, defence and semi-conductor industries in Australia and Asia.


MBA from University of Illinois in Chicago and a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from University of Malaya. She is an accomplish speaker who has presented papers and facilitated international conferences in Asia, Europe and South Africa on Clearing Houses and Payment Systems.

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