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can influence; anyone can be influenced”

Michael Hudson is an acclaimed negotiation consultant and mentor for influencing and interpersonal communication. Working across all five continents, he draws on over thirty years of international experience.
Michael empowers individuals and organizations to be more successful in influencing outcomes and negotiating desired agreements.

He brings a wealth of practical ‘know-how’ when designing and implementing negotiation strategies for complex scenarios, and in the development of interpersonal persuasion training programs.


Prior to co-founding ENS International, his professional background included industrial and organizational consulting and senior management positions with a large multinational working out of Australia, Canada and the United States.

Specialist Focus

Michael is an internationally recognized keynote speaker with a special interest in the practical implications of negotiation psychology, cross-cultural negotiations, and mediation. His expertise encompasses the dynamics of persuasion, influencing and conflict resolution. With outstanding capacity to work across diverse countries and cultures, he continually brings great value to clients in all sectors.


Michael holds a Masters in Psychology and a degree in Economics.

He has authored books including 'Effective Negotiation: A step-by-step guide', 'The Legal Negotiator', ‘Negotiating Employee Relations’, audio, and many articles.

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