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“Good use of process builds personal confidence”

Geoff has a long history of negotiation influencing in corporate life. Over time he has operated extensively in Australia & New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia as well as an expat in the USA. Geoff brings surefooted structure to negotiation which assists in developing his clients confidence and clarity around outcomes to which they aspire. A background in complex corporate negotiation is an asset to client’s strategy development.


Over 35 years in Australian owned multinationals in Construction Materials, Packaging & Fast Moving Consumer Goods. His breadth of business exposure includes as Director in a Financial Services business, negotiation training and consulting to government, a major political party prior to the 2016 election, consulting advice to well known environmental groups. He has long experience in business acquisition and divestment having facilitated, initiated and executed 20 M&A projects.

Key to Geoff’s experience is his practical working knowledge of the ENSI negotiation framework, having been a practitioner of the process for 20 years in corporate life, thus he brings rich, pragmatic process capability to the table.

Specialist Focus

Michael Porter intervention theories have influenced Geoff and he has worked on business cluster projects and industry restructure initiatives. He is stimulated by business renewal projects and business growth strategy, in particular, team development and nurturing rising talent. He has been a fundraiser for the RFDS.


Certificate in Personnel Administration and Industrial Relations

Graduate Diploma in Statistics

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