Fabio Salaverry

South America

English, Spanish and Portuguese

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Fabio Salaverry is an entrepreneur with a strategic and systemic vision of the development of people, with solid international executive experience. He is a specialist in strategic modeling and implementation and management of corporate education projects. He has been involved in important projects in the areas of sales, negotiation, communication, and leadership development in many large International companies.


By having solid experience in both sides of the commercial area, sales and purchasing, he is able to make the participants of his training sessions to go above and beyond the usual, getting the right perspective of the other party and using it in their behalf, in order to achieve results never achieved before.

Specialist Focus

Fabio has the ability to really engage his participants in the learning process. His training sessions are thorough, practical, challenging, surprising, and fun. Fabio’s training courses are offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

He can offer his training and teaching skills to people and organizations in soft-skills development, anywhere in the world.


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