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"Good negotiations solve your problems and make the world a better place to live in"

Eduardo Saleh is a recognized negotiation and human resources consultant, with more than thirty years in the field, helping organizations to reach better agreements that create value and sustain the agreements over time.

Although he has a strong background in psychology and social sciences, his focus is on applying the concepts and techniques to practical situations, making people to find their own solutions.


He has worked for almost all the biggest companies in Chile and in Latin America, many of them multinational companies. He has been part of the ENS International team since 2009, serving companies with operations in South America.

Specialist Focus

Eduardo is a renowned speaker on negotiation and human resources, both in Chile and other Latin American countries. He has presented several times at the Annual Conference of the Association of Talent Development in the USA. He has a special interest in writing about negotiation. Eduardo strongly believes in negotiation as way of reaching agreements that create value for people.


Eduardo was graduated as Psychologist at Universidad de Chile in 1979. He has attended several courses and workshops, and he wrote the book Negocie, published in 2005, and many other articles.

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