Strategic Negotiation + Influencing Training

Developing effective, outcome-focused negotiators who maximize results.
Participants gain effective leadership skills and confidence in resolving complex situations both internally and externally.

Strategic Negotiation + Influencing - 4 Day Course

The Strategic Negotiation + Influencing (N+I) Course for Chemical Engineers develops effective, outcome-focused negotiators who maximize results. Participants will gain effective leadership skills and confidence in resolving complex situations.

Course Overview

The objective of this rigorous 4 day Strategic Negotiation + Influencing (N+I) Course is to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of negotiation strategies, frameworks, tools and techniques to resolve complex issues effectively.

The course addresses the need for soft skills in the area of advanced negotiation, influencing and stakeholder interaction. Exploring a variety of tactics to achieve better outcomes and enhance your leadership skills.

Course Delivery

During the delivery of the course you will receive personalized coaching and mentoring, focusing on difficult scenarios encountered by Senior Chemical Engineers and the current challenges you face.

Pre-workshop: Participants complete an online diagnostic tool, this is used to tailor the course to your individual needs

Workshop: Fast paced and intensive 4-day training delivering a commercially acclaimed N+I methodology that produces exceptional results. This workshop is delivered to small groups.

Post-workshop: Deliver reinforcing reminders to enable you to embed N+I concepts into your everyday practice.

PAul Dent - ENS International Practitioner

Tony Hudson

ENS International Practitioner

Tony holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons) and Certificate IV in Adult Education and Workplace Training.

Recognized nationally as an outstanding facilitator and business consultant, Tony has more than 25 year’s professional experience. He exhibits a style which, while challenging, is friendly and empathetic to client needs, developing confidence in those who attend his training workshops and inspiring them to change their thinking and improve negotiation outcomes.

Taking a systematic approach when developing solutions to complex negotiations, leads to clients regularly achieving outcomes beyond their expectations.

Tony is focused on making a genuine difference to his clients.

An experienced negotiator has the knowledge and skills to close the negotiation and significantly impact the outcome of a project.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduce foundation concepts in Negotiation
  • Diagnose critical components
  • Differentiating the ‘what’ and ‘how’
  • Intentionally use flexible styles and ‘emotional atmospherics’
  • Questioning for strategic advantage
  • Process observation

Day 2

  • Identify and counter common tactics
  • Manage the options rehearsal preparation technique
  • Recognize the impact of your own style
  • Understand tactics that alter the balance of power
  • Choose the right opening move
  • Reflection on current practice under stress

Day 3

  • Review day 1 and 2 and implementation gap
  • Verbal and non-verbal language to gain co-operation
  • Make and obtain meaningful concessions
  • Lock-in commitment to lasting agreements
  • Manage the options rehearsal technique
  • Major project/case strategy development with structured feedback

Day 4

  • Prepare more systematically to gain strategic advantage
  • Application of skills and techniques
  • Major project/case –generate strategic options and test them
  • Action planning to transfer skills back to the workplace

Course Schedule

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Who should attend

The Strategic Negotiation + Influencing Course will be of interest and benefit to consultants, supervisors, managers, as well as Senior Chemical Engineers transitioning from technically focused roles into operational, management, leadership positions and roles requiring greater responsibility at a more strategic level who need to develop additional competencies and skills to be effective at N+I techniques.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

All ENSI Negotiation & Influencing Courses are independently accredited by the CPD Standards Office. The CPD Standards accreditation operates internationally and meets the CPD requirements and expectations for all professional bodies, regulators and membership organizations across the globe. Participants receive 7 CPD hours for each training day, totaling 28 CPD hours when the Program is completed.


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