Virtual & Face-to-Face Negotiation + Influencing Training Courses

An effective negotiator can shape relationships, evade conflict
and deliver superior results.

Virtual & Face-to-Face Negotiation + Influencing Training Courses

In this era of change, it is evident that negotiation skills are a major part of organizational transformation and business success.

Since 1978 ENS International has provided Negotiation Training and Consulting services to individuals to improve negotiation capabilities that direct change, re-invent business and significantly accelerate growth. Empowering more than 60,000 participants through our negotiation and influencing services.

Our Negotiation Process Frameworks, techniques and methodologies will give you key insights into human behaviour and provide tools that will assist in achieving enhanced business objectives.  

Each dynamic, interactive and fast paced program is filled with practical and intensive learning experiences. Our negotiation training will challenge you, regardless of level of experience or position, and enhance your practical negotiating and influencing capabilities.

Our negotiation training courses address the need for soft skills in the area of advanced negotiation, influencing and stakeholder interaction. Exploring a variety of tactics to achieve better outcomes and enhance your leadership skills.

Negotiation Modules

Course Delivery

To ensure behavioural change, ENSI delivers more than just a ‘skills development workshop’.

Our approach and delivery techniques have been designed to enable the best possible retention and recall, and to maximize behavioural change.

Our online diagnostic tool ensures that a highly practical and relevant workshop is provided. This analysis is designed to understand your individual needs and challenges which allows us to customize the learning experience to meet your specific objectives.

The face-to-face component of each Module is where you will acquire the ‘hands-on’knowledge and skills for long-term success. You will be introduced to our frameworks,techniques and tools that will provide you with a structured approach to effectively confront and deal with your specific negotiation challenges.

The reinforcement concentrates on embedding the learnings for sustained behavioural change and long-term results. With properly structured follow-up, reinforcement and coaching, skills can be retained and extended after the initial workshop.
Reinforcement emails
We send a series of follow-up emails to reinforce selected topics, images and videos from the workshop and to suggest new behaviours.
ENSI Mobile App
You will have access to the market leading ENSI Mobile App. The App gives you easy access to all the fundamental ENSI concepts so you can take them with you in your daily negotiation travels.
We will send you our regular e-bulletin Negotium. Written by the ENSI Founder and Practitioners, these articles explore fundamental ideas underpinning negotiation.

Why ENS International?

Focusing on achieving behavioural change, we pride ourselves in:

  • Collaborating with our clients to deliver tailored Consulting and Training solutions to meet organizational requirements and individual participant needs
  • Providing highly effective training programs which have proven ROI (eg. $7.1M in improved negotiation outcomes in 3 months and 17x ROI)
  • Working with current live negotiations of immediate concern providing participants with on-the-spot practice applying ENSI concepts and tools
  • Delivering interactive programs carefully designed to challenge, regardless of level of experience or position
  • Developing negotiation capabilities that direct change, re-invent business and significantly accelerate growth
  • Introducing frameworks and a methodology that provides a structured but flexible approach
  • Applying our negotiation and influencing technology with 60+ Practitioners having real-world experience in 11 languages across 75 countries
  • Empowering more than 60,000 participants through our range of negotiation and influencing consulting and training services
  • Being seen as a partner and trusted advisor to our clients providing insights and thought leadership
  • Creating solutions which are scalable and continuously evolving to meet our clients’ changing demands.
  • Having powerful training that will equip your team with knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively negotiate better outcomes.

Developing effective, outcome focused negotiators
who maximize business results.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

All ENSI Negotiation & Influencing Courses are independently accredited by the CPD Standards Office. The CPD Standards accreditation operates internationally and meets the CPD requirements and expectations for all professional bodies, regulators and membership organizations across the globe.


Great workshop; it dissects different stages of negotiations; different behaviors, styles, tactics and phases of the negotiation that you can implement to achieve your desired outcome.

Professional Engineer

It was one of the best training sessions I've participated in, it gave me a lot of useful content and a process of how to conduct an effective negotiation.

Purchasing Executive

I have used ENS International's services over the last 20 years to support numerous projects and to develop negotiating and influencing skills through the organizations I have led.

Non-executive Director
Mining Industry

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