Delivering guidance to achieve desired outcomes, virtually or face-to-face

Our trusted advisors provide virtual and face-to-face consulting, mentoring and coaching at any stage of a negotiation. Gain the competitive advantage.

Negotiation Consulting

Need to solve a current challenge? Gain the edge with one of our negotiation process experts on your team. Our negotiation consultants have real-world experience and can provide the guidance you need to achieve your desired goal while maintaining and building valuable relationships.

Are you are looking for assistance with:

  • managing the negotiation process
  • strengthening your negotiation position
  • formulating effective strategies
  • building an independent perspective
  • providing individual executive coaching

Our highly effective strategic negotiation process advice, delivered virtually or face-to-face, is particularly valuable for significant negotiation projects, with key individuals or negotiation teams. Our trusted advisors provide consulting and mentoring at any stage of a negotiation. Gain the competitive advantage in any situation.

Why ENS International?

Focusing on achieving behavioural change, we pride ourselves in:

  • Collaborating with our clients to deliver tailored Consulting and Training solutions to meet organizational requirements and individual participant needs
  • Providing highly effective training programs which have proven ROI (eg. $7.1M in improved negotiation outcomes in 3 months and 17x ROI)
  • Working with current live negotiations of immediate concern providing participants with on-the-spot practice applying ENSI concepts and tools
  • Delivering interactive programs carefully designed to challenge, regardless of level of experience or position
  • Developing negotiation capabilities that direct change, re-invent business and significantly accelerate growth
  • Introducing frameworks and a methodology that provides a structured but flexible approach
  • Applying our negotiation and influencing technology with 60+ Practitioners having real-world experience in 11 languages across 75 countries
  • Being seen as a partner and trusted advisor to our clients providing insights and thought leadership
  • Creating solutions which are scalable and continuously evolving to meet our clients’ changing demands.
  • Having powerful training that will equip your team with knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively negotiate better outcomes.

An effective negotiator can shape relationships, evade conflict
and deliver superior results.

Case Studies

We’ve been the trusted partner of many of the world’s most successful organizations since 1978. Here are a few stories of how we have helped people and organizations think and act differently to achieve more.
Negotiation consulting
Negotiation consulting
Negotiation Consulting
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