Develop Your Teams’ Negotiation Techniques To Drive Success

Unresolved conflicts can disrupt projects, strategic initiatives and business as usual, resulting in additional costs and delays. An effective negotiator can shape relationships, evade conflict and deliver superior solutions. 

ENS International have been providing professional development for individuals and teams since 1978. Our Negotiation Process Frameworks, techniques and methodologies will give you and your team key insights into human behaviour and provide tools that will assist in achieving enhanced business objectives.  

The exploration of proven negotiation techniques will allow your team to recognize hidden agendas, alter the balance of power, build flexibility in their negotiating style and identify tactics to strategically build common ground.

By attending our in-house negotiation and influencing training, your team will have the upper hand in:

  • systematically preparing for negotiations and setting clear goals to achieve results
  • utilizing negotiation techniques and strategies relevant to specific situations
  • managing conflict and difficult people in crisis scenarios
  • effective negotiation communication to avoid misunderstandings
  • innovative and unconventional thinking to realize successful outcomes

We tailor solutions to individual needs and organizational objectives focusing on participant’s live negotiations of immediate concern

Rehearsal of negotiation techniques give participants on-the-spot practice applying our concepts and tools. Each interactive program is carefully designed to challenge, regardless of level of experience or position.

Your team’s ability to negotiate and influence is critical to your business success. Find out how we can help you develop effective, outcome focused negotiators who maximize business results.

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What our client's say
Great workshop: it dissects different stages of negotiations, different behaviors,
styles, tactics and phrases of the negotiation that you can implement to achieve your desired outcome. 

Professional Engineer
What our client's say
It was one of the best training courses I've participated in,
it gave me a lot of useful content and a process of how to conduct an effective negotiation.

Purchasing Executive

Case Studies

We’ve been the trusted partner for many of the world’s most successful organizations since 1978. Here are a few stories of how we have helped people and organizations think and act differently to achieve success.
Negotiation Skills
Negotiation Skills