Expert Negotiation & Influencing Course (Module 3)


Enhancing Modules 1 and 2, this rigorous 2-day Expert Negotiation and Influencing master class in small groups, provides personalized coaching and mentoring for the current challenges you face. Focusing on difficult and complex scenarios, this negotiation training will enable you to:

  • Work outside your comfort zone
  • alter the balance of power
  • ‍help colleagues achieve better outcomes

Course Structure

  • Customise the workshop content to address your individual needs
  • Provide in-depth understanding of the ENS International model and practical learnings
  • Embed the skills gained to deliver long-term benefits to participants


To gauge your retention and application of the ENS International frameworks, tools and techniques we provide a comprehensive online survey. The survey delivers a comprehensive understanding of how you use the methodologies and is utilized to shape your learning experiences to hone in on your individual needs.


The Expert Negotiation & Influencing course concentrates on in-depth coaching and mentoring. Across 2 intensive days, our ENSI Practitioners will utilize on-the-spot practice of negotiation techniques and principles integral to high end and high risk negotiations. Equipping you with the knowledge, tools, techniques and skills you need to approach any negotiation with absolute confidence regardless of the stakes involved. You will become an expert of the negotiation and influencing process and be able to improve outcomes on the most complex negotiation and influencing scenarios.


You will develop a personal action plan to lock-in major learnings. The end of the Expert Negotiation & Influencing workshop isn’t the end of your learning experience with ENS International. We make sure that the knowledge and skills you’ve gained are integrated into your daily life through a series of reinforcement emails developed from the interactions of your workshop group. You will also receive the Negotium e-newsletter which analyses negotiation practises currently happening around the world and offers insights and useful tips so you can apply them to your own scenarios. Your Practitioner will also be available to you after the workshop has concluded to answer any questions or run through scenarios you’re currently facing. This integrated learning approach ensures you get the most of your experience to get more of what you want.

Learning Outcome

  • Create and manage strong negotiation teams
  • Heightened style consciousness – work outside your comfort zone
  • Stay in process control under pressure
  • Enhanced nonverbal rapport building
  • Think laterally and ‘on your feet’ to alter power imbalances
  • Recognise and use a range of closing tactics
  • Running Cross cultural negotiations
  • Apply advanced questioning techniques


To register for this course you need to have completed the Professional Negotiation & Influencing (Module 1) course and the Strategic Negotiation & Influencing (Module 2) courses or 3 days of an ENS International in-house program.


Case Studies

We’ve been the trusted partner of many of the world’s most successful organizations since 1978. Here are a few stories of how we have helped people and organizations think and act differently to achieve more.
Negotiation Culture
Negotiation Culture