Achieving Cultural Shift in Work Place Agreement Negotiations

The Negotiating Challenge

Our client in the Energy Industry faced a complex and hostile series of work place negotiations.

  • Two current EBA agreements to terminate in 3 months
  • Previous round of EBA agreements 3 years earlier took 8 months and resulted in both sides reverting to litigation
  • Long history of adversarial relations between Management and Union. Anticipated hostility and high probability of strike action, stop work, production disruption & further deterioration of management / worker relationships
  • Local management restricted in negotiating with workers/unions due to restrictions imposed by overseas global management
  • Complexity due to change of federal government and anticipated changes to Industrial Relations legislation & work place reforms.

How ENS Helped

We were engaged to focus on achieving a ‘Cultural Shift’ to help change the negotiating ‘mindset’ on both sides.

  • Conducted negotiation skills training for both the Management Team and Union Negotiation Team (representing workers)
  • After training, individual coaching was provided to both sides in using the our Systematic Preparation method
  • Our consultant was available ‘On Call’ when difficulties were encountered during formal or informal negotiations.


Negotiations were concluded quickly, at low cost and with dramatically improved working relationships.

  • Achieved outcomes satisfactory to both sides before expiry of the agreements
  • Overall costs to the company were approximately 350% less than previous EBA negotiations
  • The relationship between management and workers improved, with significantly reduced levels of animosity and mistrust, leading to more productive attitudes and ‘mindsets’ for future negotiations of all kinds
  • Team work and relationships improved within both teams and greater respect earned from constituent members i.e. workforce in general
  • Other client sites within Australia now interested in following our process.

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