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Accelerating Growth

In this era of change, it is evident that negotiation skills are a major part of organizational transformation and business success. 

Since 1978 ENS International has partnered with companies and government agencies to develop negotiation capabilities that direct change, re-invent business and significantly accelerate growth.

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I would recommend ENSI's Professional Negotiation and Influencing  course to all employees and employers to use as a foundation.  It has taught me to negotiate with confidence and to never assume.

Project Support Officer

Great workshop; it dissects different stages of negotiations; different behaviors, styles, tactics and phases of the negotiation that you can implement to achieve your desired outcome.

Professional Engineer

This workshop was really beneficial. We were given numerous tools to be able to implement in the workplace.  The course taught me how to influence others during the negotiation process.

Executive Assistant

It was one of the best training sessions I've participated in, it gave me a lot of useful content and a process of how to conduct an effective negotiation.

Purchasing Executive

I appreciated the fact that the course was not your average classroom training session, it was interactive and we worked through numerous simulations and scenarios.

Transformation Lead

Enhancing Business Performance

ENSI training resulted in $7.1million in improved negotiation outcomes in 3-months following the course for one client and a 17x ROI for another.

To hear directly from these clients and others who have benefited from advanced negotiation training, contact us.

With 92.7% of Participants reporting they could apply the learning immediately, what would your return look like?  

Case Studies

Latest Insights

Explore negotiation topics and trends through expert analysis of real world situations.

Negotiation Experts

Our negotiation methodology is practiced by over 60 Practitioners in 11 languages across 75 countries. Our Practitioners have wide-ranging professional and commercial backgrounds and the ability help you get the outcome you want.

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